Now that we understand the world toward which we are heading (whether we like it or not) and the challenges it poses to every type of organization, whether it is a public or private business, governmental, military, or other, we can begin to outline a variety of solutions. First, we must adopt seven essential principles of action.

1. Managing change as routine and organizational agility

2. Constantly search for new ways to perform tasks – or make them redundant

3. Adopting a technological-strategic mindset

4. Encouraging and developing internal and external innovation capabilities

5. Constant dismantling of functions and roles – a shift toward technology and consolidation

6. Constant search for functions that can be diverted to self-service

7. Constant disassembly of content and information into that which can be made accessible and that which must be protected


8. Organizational risk management, errors cost and recovery


9. Delegation as a method – not an ideal


10. Detection, development and empowerment  of organizational talents