The Future of Leadership

It is impossible to consider the organization in the Age of Urgency without discussing leadership. In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins outlines the concept of Level 5 leadership. He describes the characteristics of leaders who took their companies to the heights of success. “Regardless of the company’s circumstances,” he writes, “its industry or size, level 5 leaders exhibited common personality traits.”
They were devoid of ego, with great humility and absolute willingness to do whatever it took to make their organization thrive. They had a resolute devotion to their mission (always organizational, not personal) while sharing the credit for success and accepting responsibility for mistakes.
Another interesting feature is the inspiration created by a level 5 leader. This inspiration is carried out not through the personality they radiate, but through the standards they instill. These leaders are occupied with selecting the right team, not with themselves or their actions.

Characteristics of Successful Future Leaders

It is certainly possible that the traits discussed in Collins’ research will characterize the leaders who in the future will successfully bring companies to greatness. However, a market operating in a disruption vortex is a market that is fundamentally different from what we have known in the past. Entirely new needs are created, and therefore different, or at least additional, leadership qualities are required.

In addition to the characteristics of Level 5 leadership, additional qualities will be required:

1. Dynamism

2. Responsiveness

3. Capacity for Multiple Variables

4. Ability to Motivate and Engage

5. Agile Mindset

6. Ability to Reinvent Oneself

7. Failure Recovery Capacity