The Day After Strategy

In early 2020, the Corona pandemic – formally known as Covid-19, invaded our world with no heads-up whatsoever, affecting practically every dimension of our lives. It is considered the first global crisis since World War II and the first to occur in the era of information and communication technologies.

In this global pandemic, powerful events are taking place, labor laws are changing, businesses are collapsing, freedom is being denied and borders are being closed. Our once ‘global village’ is back to being local, while falling apart into separate components that are drifting farther away from each other. Absolutely nothing has remained the same.
As the ability to be flexible and adapt to a changing reality is essential, change management must become an organic and perpetual component in any organization. To this list of important organizational components, we should also add humility, mutual guarantee, community contribution, law-abiding and ethical leadership, and of course good decision-making. All of these will be an integral part of the Morning After strategy, the only strategy suitable for our world of disruption and age of urgency.

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How can organizations deal with technologies that change at a dizzying pace?