Sense of Urgency

Any organization, large or small, new or old, who wishes to survive the disruption vortex and thrive in the world of tomorrow, must fundamentally change. This will not be a cosmetic change, not a departmental reorganization or a sporadic management action. The real key to survival in the New World is the development of new organizational DNA, based on the principles of the SOU: Sense of Urgency.

What is the SOU?

Overall, it is a sense. An organizational sense. Although it comes from the same word, the connotation here does not imply a “sensation,” like panic or smugness, but a sense like the sense of sight or hearing. The SOU is the same organizational 7th sense, which identifies the disruption vortex – allowing the organization to seamlessly integrate within it, join its axis, and perhaps create new vortices or operate above them. It is the sense that turns the vortex into the natural habitat of the organization.